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Dartmouth Graduate Studies Mission


Wilder HallThe Graduate Studies programs are an integral part of Dartmouth's mission, interlocking programs in Arts & Sciences with those related in the Engineering and Medical Schools. In this alliance there are two fundamentally related goals: the education of future leaders and the creation of new knowledge at Dartmouth.

In accord with this mission, Dartmouth Graduate Programs seek to:

  • Recruit the most highly qualified, motivated, and diverse students.
  • Train students to pursue research at the frontiers of knowledge and to ensure our graduates excel in their chosen careers.
  • Enrich Dartmouth's academic community through the promotion of learning, scholarship and professionalism.


Assistant Dean

Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Affairs

Assistant Dean of Recruiting and Diversity

Multilingual Specialist

Administrative Assistant

Admissions Coordinator

Digital Content Editor

Graduate Studies Activities Coordinator

  • Erin A. Brioso

Media Production Coordinator

  •  Nicholas Graham 

Council on Graduate Studies

Members of the Council

Last Updated: 9/5/14