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Welcome from the Dean

Dean Pogue with Xin Wang '07
Dean Pogue with Xin Wang '07

Dartmouth Graduate Studies provides well qualified students with the opportunity to train at the frontiers of knowledge, being mentored by professors who lead their chosen academic fields and match their scholarship with an equal desire to open their laboratories and personal scholarship to student participation. Dartmouth graduate students gain first-hand knowledge through both theoretical rigor and practical application of these principles. We have the type of campus that trains scientists and academics to work in dynamic team environments where communication, organization and commonality in leadership goals are emphasized.

There are currently 18 Doctoral programs and 8 Masters programs at Dartmouth with an enrollment of over 700 students, drawn from diverse educational backgrounds. We have had students admitted from every major college and university in the country as well as internationally. Graduate programs at Dartmouth emphasize close student-faculty ties, rigorous research and scholarship, with excellence in teaching and societal outreach. The typical graduate program consists of small but highly interactive groups of faculty, postdoctoral associates, graduate students and technical support staff. As a key part of their training, students learn to conceive, design and write competitive research proposals as well as present their research at international conferences and publish in leading scholarly journals.

Dartmouth is an institution that has always placed priorities on excellence in teaching and scholarship. The majority of our doctoral recipients plan to go on to careers in academic fields or to lead scientific research in industry. In keeping with this tradition, a strong teaching and leadership experience is an integral part of the graduate program. The teaching experience is designed to give student mentored involvement in education and outreach from their knowledge base. Extra-curricular leadership opportunities span across the campus in management, government, entrepreneurship, international relations and service opportunities. Dartmouth students can expand their ability to lead both within their field as well as in society through this incredible range of experiences available to them on campus.

Finally, as Dartmouth Graduate programs grow and diversify, and as opportunities for our degree recipients expand, we continually seek to supplement the specialization commonly associated with graduate study. Several initiatives are underway to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration, educate our students on the range of career opportunities. The graduate student population is small but highly engaged within the campus and beyond to our alumni. This is an exciting time for graduate studies at Dartmouth as we shape what a truly nurturing graduate education should look like for the future of our country and the world.

With best wishes,

Brian Pogue, Ph.D.
Dean of Graduate Studies at Dartmouth

Last Updated: 3/30/11