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Sample Cover Letter

Below is a sample cover letter to give you some ideas on how to get started. Please remember that these examples are intended to spark ideas in you about how to create your own letters. They are not for you to copy. Your own work should be original and reflective of your experience and skills.

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Dear Ms. Name:

I am writing to apply for the position of Corporate Assistant. Fortune 500 Company's commitment to its clients, collegial atmosphere and insistence that all employees have the ability and opportunity to contribute to the bottom line from day one appeals to my sense of adventure and search for challenge. Your emphasis on teamwork and focus on expanding your international markets is of great interest to me and fits my skills perfectly. I am confident that my scientific skills, international background, and my ability to work well on multicultural teams will make significant contributions to Fortune 500 Company's goals.

My scientific training has developed the skills required for success in the business world. The everyday challenges of the research environment have fostered strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Although teamwork is essential in the research environment, much of the success still depends on my own initiative and creativity. This led to the breakthrough discovery that I recently made in our laboratories. Further, in the course of my research, I have not limited myself to remaining only in my area of expertise, but have attempted to master new fields and techniques. I believe that these experiences have taught me to learn quickly and be flexible in my approach. An important facet of research is the clear and concise communication of research results. Thus I have acquired much communication experience through oral and written reports of my work.

I have had the good fortune to work in many multicultural environments, both in academic and social settings. I have had the experience of working with and teaching people from a wide cross-section of cultural and economic backgrounds. Much of this experience has been in teams. For example, during the 1994 South Africa elections, I was part of a team whose responsibilities included assisting voters of different backgrounds. Such environments not only professionally stimulating and challenging, but often personally enriching and rewarding. Indeed, part of my motivation for coming to the United States was the opportunity to experience first-hand a different culture and environment. My travel experience in Europe, Southern Africa and North America have broadened my perspectives and views of the world and led to a more global appreciation of things. I am determined to extend my international experience and knowledge through my career. Furthermore, I believe that my ability in Afrikaans, a language closely related to Dutch, provides a good basis for understanding both Dutch and German.

As a Corporate Assistant, my scientific skills, international background, and ability to be a contributing team member will add value at Fortune 500 Company. I will contact you in the coming week to inquire as to the possibility of scheduling an interview, and look forward to speaking with you in person. Please do not hesitate to contact me at (provide phone number and e-mail address) should you or your associates have any questions. Thank you for your time and consideration.



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