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Graduate Studies
Dartmouth College
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Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Awards

Doctoral Programs

Dartmouth offers full financial support to all students in doctoral programs. Financial support includes a paid yearly stipend or fellowship at a minimum of $27,720. Students generally do not need to pay any tuition from their stipend as doctoral tuition is typically paid, or scholarship arrangements are made. Financial support is usually supplied for the entire duration of a student’s enrollment in their doctoral program, although support terms may differ slightly by program.

Master's Programs

Financial Aid at the master's level differs by program. For specific information please visit the department websites, links for which can be found on our programs and courses page. If you have further questions, please consult with the program staff.

Special Fellowship Opportunities

Adrienne Perkins

  1. Dartmouth Fellowships
  2. Fulbright
    The United States Department of State is the principal administrator of the Fulbright Program worldwide. The Institute of International Education assists the Department of State in the conduct of the program at both predoctoral and postdoctoral levels.
  3. NSF Student Fellowships

Grants & Awards

  • Hannah Croasdale Award
    The Hannah Croasdale Award for academic excellence is awarded annually to the graduating PhD recipient who best exemplifies the qualities of a scholar. The Graduate Studies Department accepts a single nomination per program, and the recipient is selected by the Dean of Graduate Studies.


Find other Grants and Fellowships on Cornell's Fellowships Database

Faculty Mentoring Award

This award is designed to recognize and highlight the outstanding mentoring activities that are undertaken by faculty advisors at Dartmouth. The Faculty Mentoring Award will be awarded annually to a member of the Dartmouth faculty who exemplifies a deep commitment to fostering the professional and personal development of graduate students.

Financial Aid




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