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Graduate Studies
Dartmouth College
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Dartmouth Graduate Studies Graduate Alumni Research Award

Due to the generosity of a number of loyal graduates of Dartmouth's graduate programs, the Alumni Fund and the Office of Graduate Studies have received donations which have been placed into a special alumnae/i graduate fund. The Graduate Office has decided to make a certain proportion of these funds competitively available each year to our current graduate students to support their research. Here are the rules and regulations governing the dispersal of these alumnae/i funds: 

  1. Currently enrolled graduate students, engaged in thesis research at Dartmouth College can apply for an Alumni Research Award during the spring term of each calendar year. (Deadline: May 5) An application form can be found at the above link. Please follow the page limit guidelines and submit the application to the Graduate Studies Office, 37 Dewey Field Road, Suite 6062, room 437.
  2. The maximum amount of each award will be limited to $1,000.00, but no more than $500.00 of this can be used for travel. A detailed budget is required.
  3. Requests for travel to attend a scientific meeting or to purchase computers, peripherals, or other forms of laboratory equipment will not be considered. The award is designed to enhance your thesis research activity. Thus, your request must propose something that you might not readily accomplish otherwise. Some examples that come to mind are:
    • provide access to a library archive to examine an original manuscript,
    • provide access to a specialized item of equipment not readily available at Dartmouth,
    • provide payment for additional subjects, or
    • perform field work at a distant site that might add an interesting perspective to data collected from your existing, local field site(s).
  4. The award is not intended to defray normal laboratory expenses for consumable supplies.
  5. Your application must include a letter of support from your advisor which must include a statement of funds available to you for your research.
  6. Recipients of Graduate Alumni Research Awards will be required to submit to the Graduate Office a one page synopsis of the activity they conducted with their award within 30 days of completion of their funded project.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jane Seibel in the Graduate Studies Office, 37 Dewey Field Road, Suite 6062, room 437.

Last Updated: 12/3/13