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Faculty Mentoring Awards 2010

The Graduate Student Council and the Office of Graduate Studies are pleased to announce that the 2010 winners of the Graduate Faculty Mentoring award are Professor Melissa Zeiger from the Comparative Literature department, and Dr. James Gorham from the Molecular and Cellular Biology department. Mentorship is one of the key relationships undertaken by faculty advisors at Dartmouth, and we would like to recognize both these faculty members for the outstanding relationship they have formed with their students.

Both Melissa and James were nominated with outstanding praise. Specifically, their numerous letters of nomination discussed how both mentors are dedicated to their students and provide thoughtful and insightful advice in response to any question. A student who nominated Melissa highly praised Melissa’s enthusiasm and thoughtfulness: "Melissa has been a fine example of the professor who takes mentorship very seriously and does so with integrity. Not only has Melissa been extremely generous with her time, she has also clearly made a point to develop the fullest understanding of me as an aspiring academic and a person." John received the same honor from a student who nominated him, “his door is always open whether it was a basic science question or a more complex question about post doc and career avenues...Despite his busy schedule and the multiple hats he wears, he always has time for his students."

We would like to thank both these faculty members for their hard work and dedication to their students and hope, that by recognizing these two mentors, that we underscore the enormous contributions they have made to the graduate community. Further, we would also like to congratulate and acknowledge all the faculty members who were nominated. Numerous graduate students and alumni wrote letters of nomination highlighting the overall positive effect the faculty mentors have had on the graduate community. Overall, all the letters received truly highlight the wonderful mentoring happening everyday and we would like to thank each faculty member for their dedication.

Dr. James Gorham with President Jim Kim and Dean Brian Pogue a
Dr. James Gorham with President Jim Kim and Dean Brian Pogue Professor Melissa Zeiger with President Jim Kim and Dean Brian Pogue

Last Updated: 9/21/10