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Dartmouth Ph.D./MBA Program

The Ph.D./MBA program defines a new Dartmouth educational pathway, offering the unique opportunity for doctoral scientists to finish off their training with management education from The Tuck School of Business. The program will train a new class of scientific manager/entrepreneurs who are ready to lead the high-technology workforce of the 21st century.

This streamlined path permits Ph.D. candidates to obtain their MBA degree, immediately after completion of their Ph.D. program. Admission to the Tuck MBA Program is through the standard pathway, and the Ph.D. experience will count as their post-bachelors degree work experience, which is 5 years on average. Additionally the MBA coursework required is expected to be 1 term less than for regular MBA students.

Applicants must complete the Tuck application forms and either of the GMAT® or GRE® General exam scores. Matriculating students must enter with the regular Tuck class in the fall, and complete the required first-year Tuck core curriculum. The 2nd year of Tuck requires only two full terms of electives, totaling 8 classes, with anticipated completion by March of the 2nd year. Courses taken during the Ph.D. program will be counted as four Tuck electives, eliminating the need for enrollment in the spring term of the final year. Students are expected to participate in an internship during the summer between 1st and 2nd Tuck years, to reinforce the MBA experience.


While application and admission to the MBA program can occur at any point while enrolled in the Ph.D. program, it's recommended to apply in the third or fourth year of the Ph.D. program. If Ph.D. graduation does not occur before the fall term, students must apply for a deferral to enter into the MBA program after completion of all Ph.D. requirements. Admission requirements for the Ph.D. and the MBA must be fulfilled entirely for both programs. The MBA application requires all the materials expected for the normal application process, including GMAT® or GRE® test scores, letters of reference, transcripts, statement of interest and interview. Application fees to the Ph.D./MBA program may be waived for qualified Ph.D. students applying to the MBA from within Dartmouth.

Students are encouraged to explore and demonstrate their interest in business management through auditing or enrolling in Tuck courses prior to applying to the program. Advisory faculty can be consulted to help customize pre-application plans or discuss options to dovetail their studies with their eventual plans in the MBA. Applications to the program can commence as of Fall 2009. Faculty contacts for the program are Professor Robert Hansen (Tuck) and Professor Brian Pogue (Graduate Studies).


Funding for the MBA degree may come from existing financial aid process managed by Tuck.

Ph.D./MBA Frequently Asked Questions

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Last Updated: 10/4/10