Frequently Asked Questions about UNSG Internship Courses


What is the rationale for Dartmouth's UNSG offerings?
Four UNSG (UNSpecified Graduate) courses have been designed to provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to apply academic principles and skills in real world situations outside the classroom. Hands-on experience with existing external organizations can create a valuable training and enrichment experience for students in the Arts and Sciences. 

What UNSG courses are available for internships?
A complete list of internship courses, including UNSG 295, 296, 297, and 298, can be found at:

Can the UNSG courses be taken during any academic term?
As part of the D-Plan, undergraduate students may enroll in an UNSG course, so long as they meet all of the criteria for enrollment. UNSG courses may be taken in any term but can only be taken twice during the student's degree program, and must be taken during an earned leave term, therefore they may not be taken over two consecutive terms.

Is there minimum duration of the UNSG internship experience?
Yes – internship experiences are expected to be full time and require at least 200 hours of total effort over the duration of the internship, including writing the required essays.  For this reason, it is expected that the minimum duration of the internship experience would be five weeks.

Is credit granted for successful completion of a UNSG course?
Yes – two credits are earned, but they will not count toward the requirements for the undergraduate degree and will be recorded on a separate transcript issued by the Guarini School for Graduate and Advanced Studies.

Is tuition charged for a UNSG course?
No. Administrative fees for enrollment in the UNSG course are waived.

Can the UNSG internship experience be paid?
The UNSG experience may be paid or unpaid.  The internship host should determine what is appropriate based on applicable state and federal laws.

International students enrolling in a UNSG course must have Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization to engage in the internship experience.  For more information on CPT eligibility and the CPT request process for international students, please go to the OVIS website: