Underrepresented Minorities

Dartmouth believes that a 21st-century liberal arts education integrates respect for, and understanding of, the unique and essential benefits of living, learning, and engaging in an inclusive global community.

Inclusive Excellence

On May 27, 2016, the Inclusive Excellence Executive Committee, comprising President Phil Hanlon, Provost Carolyn Dever, Vice President of Institutional Diversity and Equity Evelynn Ellis and Executive Vice President Rick Mills, issued an action plan for Inclusive Excellence.

Support for Underrepresented Minorities

This liberal arts infusion across all areas of study in the graduate programs, and includes everyone. 

Several groups and organizations exist across campus to provide support and resources to underrepresented minorities.

The Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity (IDE) creates partnerships with offices and individuals across the institution to provide resources that promote access, respect, and community for all. guarini_diversitycouncil_groups3-updated.pdf