Program Committees

PEMM is governed by three committes: the Program Executive Committee, the Theme Executive Committees, and the External Advisory Group.  Each committee has its own function but all serve to support, grow and promote the PEMM community.

Program Executive Committee

The Program Executive Committee has the responsibility of overseeing all facets of the Program, including the selection and admission of applicants, monitoring the progress of each new student until s/he selects a specific theme and thesis advisor and reviewing the academic performance of all students in the PEMM program.

Committee members are:

  • Faith Anderson, Student Representative
  • Brock Christensen, PhD
  • Gail Egner, Program Administrator
  • Francesca Gilli, PhD
  • Matthew Havrda, PhD
  • Arminja Kettenbach, PhD
  • Todd Miller, PhD, Director
  • Patricia Pioli, PhD
  • Nicole Traphagen, Student Representative

Theme Executive Committees

The Theme Executive Committees provide oversight of the curriculum requirements of the themes, including courses, journal clubs and research-in-progress, approve the composition of the Student Advisory Committees, and oversee the grant writing/qualifying exam.

Biomedical Physiology & Immunotherapy

  • Richard I. Enelow, MD
  • Val A. Galton, PhD
  • Paul M. Guyre, PhD
  • Alexandra L. Howell, PhD
  • William G. North, PhD
  • Patricia A. Pioli, PhD, Director
  • Radu V. Stan, MD, PhD

Cancer Biology, Pharmacology and Molecular Therapeutics

  • Brock Christensen, PhD, Co-Director
  • Michael Cole, PhD
  • Alan Eastman, PhD
  • Arminja Kettenbach, PhD, Co-Director
  • Todd Miller, PhD
  • Yolanda Sanchez, PhD


  • Giovanni Bosco, PhD
  • Francesca Gilli, PhD, Co-Director
  • Allan Gulledge, PhD
  • Matthew Havrda, PhD, Co-Director
  • Bryan Luikart, PhD
  • Hermes Yeh, PhD