Ali Titiz

Founder, CEO, MemoryCo

In 2016, I founded MemoryCo to bring the latest innovations in memory training to seniors and patients with brain disorders. MemoryCo makes personalized memory games that incorporate personalized content so the memory training is relevant to each person's real-world needs. 

I would say the most important skill I still use since PEMM is programming. Doing Computational Neuroscience definitely put me in a good position to build upon my programming skills which I have been using the run my software business.


  • PhD, '14, Program in Experimental and Molecular Medicine, Dartmouth College
  • BA, '08, Grinnell College

Selected Publications

  • Richard GR, Titiz A, Tyler A, Holmes GL, Scott RC, Lenck-Santini PP. Speed modulation of hippocampal theta frequency correlates with spatial memory performance. Hippocampus. 2013; 23(12):1269-79.