Jaclyn (Sullivan) Weir

Associate Scientist, Cancer Metabolism group, Agios Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA


  • PhD '16, Cancer Biology and Molecular Therapeutics, Dartmouth College
  • BS '10, University of New Hampshire

Selected Publications

  • Sullivan JM, Havrda MC, Paolella BR, Kettenbach A, Gerber S, Israel, MA. 2016. N-terminal phosphorylation of Id2 is a key regulator of cell cycle transit in neural precursor cells. Stem Cells. 2016.

  • Havrda MC, Paolella BR, Ran C, Jering KS, Wray CM, Sullivan JM, Nailor A, Hitoshi Y, Israel MA. Id2 mediates oligodendrocyte precursor cell maturation arrest and is tumorigenic in a PDGF-rich microenvironment. Cancer Res. 2014; 74(6):1822-32.


Fall 2014 Graduate Student Award, 2014

Graduate Student Council Travel Award, 2014

Albert J. Ryan Predoctoral Fellowship, 2013-2016