Jonathan T. Elliott

Academic Appointments
  • Assistant Professor of Surgery

  • Adjunct Professor of Engineering, Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth

Dr. Elliott's laboratory is situated in the Department of Surgery at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and has the overall goal of developing in vivo molecular imaging and kinetic imaging methods and devices to enhance clinical decisions and treatment. One major clinical focus is opioid use disorder (OUD): the defining health crisis of our time, impacting rural New Hampshire and Vermont disproportionately. While recent efforts to reduce overprescription and provide alternative pain management strategies are making some headway, opioids will remain an important medical therapy for acute and chronic pain suffering for the foreseeable future. The work in Dr. Elliott's lab focuses on translational technology that will enable assessment of OUD risk and provide point-of-care guidance to pharmacotherapy for OUD.       


HB 8000