Katharine von Herrmann

Associate, Flagship Pioneering. Cambridge, MA.

I am working as an Associate at Flagship Pioneering in Cambridge, MA. Flagship Pioneering is a VC firm that builds life science companies, aiming to create breakthroughs in human health and sustainability. I am working as part of Flagship's team of entrepreneurial scientists to explore novel biological mechanisms and biotechnologies and am involved in the conception and development of new ventures. PEMM provided me with an exceptional foundation in biomedical science, and fostered a critical curiosity for understanding the biological mechanisms that contribute to disease.



  • M.S. Smith College
  • B.A. Smith College
  • Ph.D. '20, Experimental and Molecular Medicine, Dartmouth College

Selected Publications

  • Martinez EM, Young AL, Patankar YR, Berwin BL, Wang L, von Herrmann KM, Weier JM, Havrda MC. (2017) Nlrp3 Is Required for Inflammatory Changes and Nigral Cell Loss Resulting From Chronic Intragastric Rotenone Exposure in Mice. Toxicological Sciences. 159(1), 64–75

  • Albany C, Hever-Jardine MP, von Herrmann KM, Yim CY, Tam J, Warzecha JM et al. (2016) Refractory Testicular Germ Cell Tumors are Highly Sensitive to the Second Generation DNA Methylation Inhibitor Guadecitabine. Oncotarget. 8(2):2949 – 2959.

  • Johnson KC, Houseman EA, King JE, von Herrmann KM, Fadul CE, Christensen BC (2016) 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine localizes to enhancer elements and is associated with survival in patients with glioblastoma. Nature Communications. 7(13177).

Speaking Engagements

  • Society for Neuroscience, 2017, Washington, DC

  • Society for Neuroscience, 2016, San Diego

  • Laboratory

    Havrda Lab

  • Awards

    Albert J. Ryan Foundation Fellow, 2017