Radu V. Stan

  • Associate Professor of Biochemistry, and of Pathology

  • Director, Optical Cell Imaging Facility

  • Co-Director, Irradiation, Pre-clinical Imaging and Microscopy Shared Resource, Norris Cotton Cancer Center

  • Director, Biomedical Physiology and Immunotherapy Track, PEMM

Role of blood vessels in the pathogenesis of inflammatory disease and cancer. Using a broad variety of experimental approaches (e.g. genetically modified mouse models, cell biological approaches in cell culture and fluorescence and electron microscopy), our lab studies the biology of specific vascular endothelial gene products (i.e. PLVAP and interacting partners) and endothelial specific structures (e.g. fenestrae, caveolae, and vesiculo-vacuolar organelles) in normal cardiovascular function and the adaptive responses that occur in disease. A significant part of our work is devoted to developing novel therapeutic and diagnostic strategies for inflammation and cancer.


Rubin 623
HB 7936


  • Ph.D. 2013 - Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Postdoctoral, 1994-1999 at University of California San Diego Medical (Advisor George E. Palade)
  • M.D. 1993 - Cluj, Romania