Ryan O'Toole

Scientific Recruiter, National Institute of Health

Scientific Recruiter, National Institute of Health



  • BS University of New Hampshire - Durham
  • MS '18, Neuroscience, Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine

Selected Publications

  • Baker AL, O’Toole RJ, and Gulledge AT (2018). Preferential cholinergic excitation of corticopontine neurons. Journal of Physiology 596.9: 1659-1679.

  • Leber AB, Gewinn RE, Hong Y, O'Toole RJ (2016). Implicitly learned suppression of irrelevant spatial locations. Psychon Bull Rev 23(6): 1873-1881.

  • Watzlawik JO, Kahoud RJ, O'Toole RJ, White KA, Ogden AT, Painter MM, Wool B, Papke LM, Deine A, Weimer JM, Carey WA, Rodriguez M (2015). Abbreviated exposure to hypoxia is sufficient to induce CNS dysmyelination, modulate spinal motor neuron composition, and impair motor development in neonatal mice. PLoS One 10(5): e01280007.


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