Bishal D. Sharma

Guarini Graduate Student Activities Fellow

Bishal Dev Sharma is a PhD Candidate at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth. He has worked as an executive member of several student-led clubs and NGOs and successfully organized numerous national and international events in his native country, Nepal. His passion lies in reducing the stigma around mental health issues, and for the past two years he has contributed to the Thayer/Dartmouth community as member of GrIND and a mental health bystander. He is a big proponent of a healthy work-life balance, and has always supported collaboration over competition while serving as a leader in various capacities. Bishal also takes great interest in learning about different cultures and values and bringing them together to build a strong supportive community of students. Having a bittersweet start at Dartmouth, Bishal understands that social events and gatherings are crucial for graduate students' well-being. He looks forward to working with our close-knit community and bringing it even closer. He has also invested his time in mentoring newly admitted students each term.
Outside of academics, Bishal loves hiking (winter/summer), kayaking, camping, road trips and is a regular visitor to the alumni gym.


HB Hinman Box 8000