Student Driver Policy — Graduate Studies

Effective Date

Monday, September 9, 2013

Office of Primary Responsibility

School of Graduate and Advanced Studies

Affected Parties

Students Under the Guarini School Programs

Policy Statement

Students may be authorized to drive College cars for use in connection with College-sponsored activities and/or to drive privately-owned vehicles on College business. Such requests must be approved by the sponsoring department or office pursuant to rules and regulations outlined in the Student Driver Policy issued by the Office of Business Affairs and available at the Student Activities Office, the Athletic Department, the Outdoor Programs Office, and many other offices on campus. Prior to the use of a personal vehicle for College-sponsored activities or programs, the legal owner of the vehicle must file an Owner Approval Form authorizing the use of the vehicle for College-sponsored activities. Owner Approval Forms must be on file with the Office of Business Affairs. A list of approved drivers and approved vehicles is available in the Organization Folder on PUBLIC.

Before authorization can be given for an approved driver to drive a College-owned or rented van, each student must successfully complete the van testing program conducted by the Department of Safety and Security. Contact the department office (646-2234) to arrange for a test.

Violation of this policy may subject an individual or recognized organization to disciplinary action.


School of Graduate & Advanced Studies