2017 Orientation Schedule

2017 Orientation Dates: Wednesday, September 6 to Friday, September 8

ESL Classes: Thursday, August 24 to Tuesday, August 29

  • Speaking, writing & beyond - English boot camp by Graduate Studies and the Rassias Center
    Summary: English language course focusing on pronunciation and Grammar skills. Participants get selected by their departments (in which case participation is mandatory).
    Date: August 24  - 29
    Time: TBA
    Location - TBA

Wednesday, September 6

  • Lab Safety - 8:30am-4pm
    Location:  TBD
    For first year students in MCB, Biology/Ecology, Program in Experimental and Molecular Medicine and Psychology and Brain Sciences.  Mandatory session.
  • Lab Safety -1:30pm-4pm
    Location:  TBD
    For Earth Science, Chemistry and Physics.  Mandatory session.

Thursday, September 7

  • International Students Orientation -10:15am to 12:30pm
    Location:  Thayer School-Spanos Auditorium. 
    Mandatory session.
  • Building a Respectful Community -3:30pm-5pm
    Location:  TBD
  • Graduate School BBQ -5pm-6pm
    Location:  TBD
  • Ethics Panel -6pm-8pm
    Location:  TBD
    Mandatory session.
    All incoming students are required to attend this interactive panel on professional ethics. The purpose of the panel is to engage you in a discussion about some of the complex ethical issues that face professionals conducting research today, whether your area of study is in the sciences, the social sciences, or the humanities. Over the summer, we are asking you to spend 55 minutes watching a Nova special, the “Secret of Photo 51,” that touches on these issues.

Friday, September 8

  • Health Services Orientation -9am-12pm
    Location:  Dick’s House, 7 Rope Ferry Road
    Immunizations and Pre-matriculation Medical Information Check.
  • First Year Graduate Student Orientation -12:30pm-2:30pm
    Location:  TBD
    Mandatory Session.




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