International Scholar Support

Support for International Postdocs

All postdocs at Dartmouth are part of the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies and supported by Director of Postdoc Affairs, Cindy Rosalbo, and you also are members of the Dartmouth College Postdoc Association (DCPDA).

Postdocs, especially those new to the United States, are encouraged to check the DCPDA's pages for Incoming Postdocs, including the page International Postdocs Moving to Dartmouth and to sign up for the Postdoc Buddy Program.

Postdocs are also encouraged to join the DCPDA Slack space for ongoing information and post questions to the #international channel and #rideshare if you have questions or need someone to pick you up when you arrive to campus. 

Support for International Graduate Students

The International Graduate Mentoring Fellow is dedicated to facilitating a smooth transition for incoming international students from their home countries to the United States. Through informative sessions during June and September, the Fellow fosters integration by organizing panel discussions with senior graduate students serving as panelists.

These sessions, which attract a diverse audience of over 50 participants from different countries, are conducted both online via Zoom (June) and in person (September) as part of an orientation event. This platform allows graduate students to connect, establish relationships, and engage in insightful conversations. Furthermore, the Guarini Slack channel functions as a platform through which international students can maintain connections and seek assistance by posing inquiries.

The Fellow also oversees a mentor-mentee program that pairs incoming international students with experienced senior graduate students or mentors. These mentors offer guidance, address queries, introduce campus resources, and provide ongoing assistance throughout the student's first year of graduate school. Additionally, the mentors provide transportation from the Dartmouth Coach bus stops to the students' apartments upon their arrival, if needed.

To enhance their overall experience, the Fellow also curates social events, both indoors and outdoors, to foster a sense of community and encourage cultural exchange among all graduate students.

To provide additional support for incoming international students, the Fellow collaborates with the Graduate Student Council to address essential needs as they settled in the area, including providing a welcome package of groceries, to help ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment for all international students as they embark on their graduate school journey.

If you are an international student and have any questions, or need extra support, please reach out to the International Graduate Mentoring Fellow.

International Graduate Mentoring Fellow

The International Graduate Mentoring Fellow is based in the Guarini School Office and provides support for international students from pre-arrival through orientation, and supports international students with settling in on campus.