Academic Calendar

Summer 2023

June 21-24 Summer term on-line check-in 

June 22 Summer term classes begin 

July 4 Independence Day, College Holiday (no classes held) 

July 5 Add/Drop ends at 4pm ET

August 15 Thesis due for Summer graduation 

August 23 Summer term classes end 

September 8 Grades and medians available on the web 

September 23 Summer degrees conferred 

Fall 2023

September 10-13 Fall term on-line check-in

September 11 Fall term classes begin 

September 22 Add/Drop ends at 4pm

October 1 Thesis due for Fall graduation

November 11 Fall degrees conferred 

November 14 Fall term classes end 

December 5 Fall grades and medians available on the web

Winter 2024

January 2-5 Winter term on-line check-in

January 3 Winter term classes begin 

January 16 Add/Drop ends at 4pm

February 1 Thesis due for Winter graduation 

March 7 Winter term classes end 

March 2 Winter degrees conferred 

March 22 Grades and medians available on the web 

Spring 2024

March 24-27 Spring term on-line check-in

March 25 Spring term classes begin

April 5 Add/Drop ends at 4pm

May 15 Thesis due for Spring graduation 

May 27 Memorial Day Holiday (no classes held)

May 29 Spring term classes end 

June 8 Guarini School Investiture 

June 9 Commencement – Spring degrees conferred 

June 14 Grades and medians available on the web