Academic Calendar

Summer 2020

June 24-27 Summer term on-line check-in 

June 25 Summer term classes begin 

July 3 Independence Day, College Holiday (no classes held) 

July 8 Add/Drop ends 

August 15 Thesis due for Summer graduation 

August 26 Summer term classes end 

September 11 Grades and medians available on the web 

September 12 Summer degrees conferred 

Fall 2020

September 13-16 Fall term on-line check-in

September 14 Fall term classes begin 

September 25 Add/Drop ends 

October 1 Thesis due for Fall graduation October 1

October 2-3 Homecoming Weekend 

November 7 Fall degrees conferred 

November 17 Fall term classes end 

December 15 Fall grades and medians available on the web

Winter 2021

January 3-6 Winter term on-line check-in

January 4 Winter term classes begin 

January 15 Add/Drop ends

February 1 Thesis due for Winter graduation 

March 5 Winter term classes end 

March 6 Winter degrees conferred 

March 22 Grades and medians available on the web 

Spring 2021

March 28-31 Spring term on-line check-in

March 29 Spring term classes begin

April 9 Add/Drop ends 

May 15 Thesis due for Spring graduation 

May 31 Memorial Day Holiday (no classes held)

June 2 Spring term classes end 

June 12 Guarini School Investiture 

June 13 Commencement – Spring degrees conferred 

June 18 Grades and medians available on the web