Orientation 2021

ESL Orientation dates will be August 25-29.

Orientation 2021: September 8,9,10.

A virtual program is being developed in light of in-person restrictions in place due to COVID-19. Incoming students will receive a link via their Dartmouth email account inviting them to access the materials in Canvas from August 24.


Ethics Training

Panel Discussion:

On Friday, September 4th at 9:00 am, we will present an interactive online panel via Zoom on professional ethics. Our purpose is to engage you in a discussion about some of the complex ethical issues that face professionals conducting research today, whether your area of study is in the sciences, the social sciences, or the humanities.

Prior to that date, we are asking you to spend 55 minutes watching a NOVA special, the "Secret of Photo 51," that touches on these issues. 
You can access this video via the Guarini Orientation course on Canvas, which will go live Monday, August 24th, by accessing Module 3, "Building a Respectful Community" --> Professional Ethics. 

Ethics Survey

To complete the Graduate Ethics Survey:

o    Canvas will send a message to your Dartmouth email account, inviting you to join the Online Guarini Orientation course.

o    Accept the invitation by clicking on the link in the email.

o    Go to Module 3, "Building a Respectful Community" -> Academic Honesty. After having read and viewed all content, click on Take the Grad Ethics Survey. You must answer "yes" to all four questions.



Coming to Campus

We are looking forward to meeting you all this fall – virtually or in-person! Many of you have filled out our arrival survey but if you have not please do so here by Friday, July 24. It should only take a couple of minutes to complete.

International Students: OVIS has developed an e-form for you to provide details of your travel and visa plans. Please complete that here.

Guarini School Orientation information will be sent and posted in mid-August.  In the meantime, below is some helpful information for your arrival:

Self-Quarantine Guidelines - 

Please read the Dartmouth guidelines for self-quarantine for when you arrive on campus. The guidelines are changing, so please check before you leave for Dartmouth. In addition, here are the state guidelines for Vermont and for New Hampshire.


What are the quarantine rules? 
You are not permitted to enter grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies or other public buildings until you complete your quarantine. Do not take public transportation, taxis, or ride-shares. If you are outside to pick up supplies or take a walk, you must wear a face-covering at all times and maintain 6 feet physical distancing. No visitors are allowed to your room during the quarantine period. 

You must also monitor yourself for symptoms, including checking your temperature twice a day. For more details, see https://www.dhhs.nh.gov/dphs/cdcs/covid19/self-quarantine-covid.pdf.
If you develop fever of 100.0 F or greater or any other symptoms of concern, please call DCHS at 603-646-9401 for evaluation. 

What if I need medication or pharmacy supplies? 
Call the Dick Hall's House Pharmacy at (603) 646-9456 to place your order. When you arrive at the Health Service building, please wait outside and call the same number and a pharmacy representative will deliver your items. 

How can I get food? 
Several local grocery stores offer curbside pick-up: 

Coop Food Stores (Hanover and Lebanon) 

Dan and Whit's (Norwich) – email Dan@danandwhits.com 

Favorite Hanover takeout and delivery options include: Ramunto's, Pine, Molly's, Murphy's, Market Table, Jewel of India, Boloco's, Domino's and Cutting's North Side Café. 

Check out more options at the Upper Valley Business Alliance's list

Dartmouth Dining Service (DDS) is also creating a pick-up meal plan you can purchase. Please see the attached document for more information.


COVID-19 Testing

COVID Testing Guidelines for Guarini Grad Students

1. All incoming and returning graduate students will need to be tested as soon as possible following their arrival in the area (ideally days 0 and 7). This must happen during the required 14-day quarantine period and before accessing Dartmouth buildings or congested outside areas on campus. Sachem Village, South Street, and North Park apartments are treated considered to be off-campus. 

2. Graduate students who never left the area, or who have returned and been on campus for more than 14-days will need to undergo one-time testing.

3. Walk-in testing is no longer available and has switched to weekly surveillance testing. Please schedule a time for your test here:  https://health-clinics.dartmouth.edu/

Testing costs are covered by Dartmouth regardless of whether students are on Dartmouth's health plan or a private plan. 

4. Following testing, students will be notified directly by email within 24-48 hours if the test results are negative. Students who test positive will be contacted by a medical provider and provided with medical recommendations and instructions on the next steps. 

5. Programs will establish and maintain a list of students who need to be tested under these guidelines and follow-up with students to ensure that they have been tested at the appropriate intervals, prior to allowing the students access to on-campus activities. Students can notify their departments of a negative result as a confirmation of being tested.

6. Once students are cleared to return to campus (after negative test results and the necessary quarantine period), they will need to complete the Dartgo.org/TSA screening application each day that they have on-campus activities at Dartmouth's Hanover or Lebanon (DHMC) campuses.

Dick's House Testing FAQ

Can students park in front of Dick's house for 15 minutes to test? (Maynard lot) yes, in the visitor/pharmacy spots

Can you share details of the COVID-19 testing procedure? It's a mid turbinate swab; a q-tip midway in the nose, swirl it around a couple of times then put it in the specimen tube for shipping.

Turnaround time for results? 24-48 hours 

How will the test results be communicated? Students with a negative test result are emailed directly

What happens if someone tests positive? Students who test positive will be contacted by a medical provider and provided with medical recommendations and provided with instructions on the next steps.

What happens if someone tests negative? They should continue to remain in self-quarantine for the full 14 days.


On-Campus Housing

Guarini graduate students living in on-campus housing will be able to get their keys at Safety and Security at 5 Rope Ferry Road or for Sachem Housing, Melissa R. Jewell will be available to provide your keys. 

Guidelines for roommate living:

--Maintain 6 feet of distance from roommates at all times
--Sleep in a single bedroom for the duration of the quarantine
--If possible, use your own bathroom. If not possible, the bathroom should be wiped down after each use with disinfectant.


Other Communications

Dartmouth ID Cards – Please make sure to upload a photo. We would like to process your id card as soon as possible so it will be ready when you arrive. Your department will give you your Dartmouth id card.

Slack Workspace – Guarini Fellow, Sidhartha Jandhyala, is creating a Slack Workspace (Dartmouth Guarini School for Advanced Studies) for incoming students to chat with each other and the Guarini Fellows and Ambassadors. You will receive an invite to join soon. Click here for more information on how to access Slack.

Helpful Links:

Guarini School/Dartmouth Covid 19 Information – here.

Dartmouth Office of Visa & Immigration Services – click here.

Dartmouth Rental Housing List – click here.

Dartmouth Campus Maps – click here