Zhuoya Zhang receives Alumni Research Award

Zhuoya Zhang Receives Alumni Research Award

Zhuoya Zhang is a doctoral student in quantitative biological sciences from Beijing, China. She earned her undergraduate degree in from Brandeis University where she studied economics and public health. 

What is your area of research area, and what is its potential impact? 

My research focuses on youth health, particularly how everyday behaviors, such as sleep and diet, impact children's obesity risk. My lab and I are also exploring mindfulness's potential to enhance college students' well-being. 

How will you use the funds from the Alumni Research Award

My lab and I will start a randomized trial this Spring to see if practicing mindfulness can lessen college student stress. What's more exciting is that we will measure participants' cortisol levels via hair. We will use the Alumni Research Award to purchase the collection kits. We're so grateful for the Alumni Research Fund to generously support our research. 

Why did you choose Dartmouth to pursue your degree?

I chose Dartmouth to pursue my Ph.D. because of the opportunity to conduct innovative interdisciplinary research. I also love how collaborative the researchers are here. 

What are your hobbies or interests outside your research or scholarship?

I love running with friends near Occum Pond and skiing at the Dartmouth Skiway in winter. 

What is your favorite place at Dartmouth or the Upper Valley?

My favorite place in the Upper Valley is a bookstore/cafe called Still North. I love reading or doing work sessions there with friends.