Ethics Training Sessions

Graduate students should enroll in a section led by a facilitator from their department. Please make sure you can attend all sessions listed with the facilitator. Up to one absence can be "made up" by doing an alternative assignment (facilitators can communicate what that assignment is) and must be completed or students risk not receiving graduate funding. 

Ethics Training Sessions 2022

These will be updated shortly.

Ethics Training Sessions 2021

Chemistry: Dean Wilcox
Course Number: Chem 256

Comparative Literature: Jill Baron 
Course Number: COLT 700

Computer Science: Sean Smith & Alberto Quattrini Li
Course Number (subject to change): COSC 700

Digital Musics: Cáser Alverez
Course Number: MUS 700

Earth Sciences: Justin Strauss & Sarah Slotznic
Course Number: EARS 201

EEES: Matthew Ayres
Course Number: EEES 134

Engineering: Margaret E. Ackerman
Course Number: ENGG 700

MALS: Jill Baron
Course Number: MALS 700

Mathematics: Craig Sutton
Course Number: MATH 700

MCB: Amanda Amodeo (Biology), Hermes Yeh (MSB)
Course Number: MICR 700

Neuroscience: Not until 2022
Course Number: IND 700

Physics and Astronomy: Alex Rimberg
Course Number: PHYS 256/257

Psychological and Brain Sciences: Ann S. Clark
Course Number: PSYC 700

TDI: Craig Westling
Course Number: PH 700

Quantitative and Biomedical Sciences: Krissy Giffin & John Brand
Course Number: QBS 700