Dartmouth Postdoc Community Resources

DCPDA Peer Match Program

The DCPDA organizes a peer match program, or Buddy program, for postdocs looking to connect with peers who share the same interests or are in the same research field. This program helps postdocs new to campus make peer connections and get oriented at Dartmouth.

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Diversity @Dartmouth

"Many cultures, one community." The Dartmouth community embraces differences of culture and ideas. You can find more information and engagement opportunities by visiting the many resources on campus.

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International Scholars

About 1/3 of the postdocs at Dartmouth are from outside the United States. In addition to helping international visitors handle the necessary paperwork to study and work in the U.S., the Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS) also organizes helpful conversations and resources especially for you. Language support is offered through the Rassias Center.
Dartmouth international and multilingual postdocs and graduate students have an additional support resource, our Multilingual Specialist, Besty Tremmel, PhD.  She is available to work one-on-one on any type of text, whether written or oral.

Information on Religious and Spiritual Groups

The William Jewett Tucker Center cultivates spiritual and ethical lives, builds relationships and understanding across identities, and engages in dialogue on meaningful issues that will make a profound difference on campus and beyond.

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