Tuition & Living Costs


Graduate Students should arrive prior to the date for administrative withdrawal.  (September 22, 2022).

If you will not be able arrive by Sept 22, 2022 you may consider deferring your admittance by contacting the Guarini School.

If you are unable to move to campus for the fall term you may contact your department and the Guarini School to ask if remote access is an option in your program.

Tuition Rates

Dartmouth operates on a quarterly schedule. Guarini students normally register in all four terms. 

See the current schedule of charges for all schools at Dartmouth College.

Campus Billing and DartCard Services

Campus Billing and DartCard Services are responsible for the billing and collection of student tuition and fees, room and board charges, and the operation of all College loan programs.

The D-Pay System

Student account statements are available via a billing tool called D-Pay. You will receive a message in your Dartmouth email account with enrollment instructions. Once enrolled, you will receive an email whenever a new statement is available. 

Unpaid student account balances can prevent enrollment for a term. If a hold is preventing check-in please contact Student Financial Services or the Graduate Studies Office to resolve it.

Late Payments

The penalty for late payment of a student account statement is 1.5% of the balance due. If there is a credit balance in your student account, you may request a refund from the Student Financial Services Office.

Guarini Student Life Fee

For 2022-23 academic year the $60 Guarini student life fee will automatically be billed to all graduate students in the fall of each year. This fee is used to support social activities for graduate students.

Financial Aid Office

Financial Aid Office
6024 McNutt Hall
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

Financial Aid Office