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Keep your e-mail address connected

Dartmouth offers all alumni a address that forwards all mail to any email address configured to do so. That means you will always receive messages sent to your Dartmouth student email even after you are no longer a student.

To help you manage this change, the Alumni Help Desk (603) 646-3202, will provide alumni with information on how to obtain, setup, and configure free e-mail accounts that are offered by Microsoft or Google. They will also assist with configuring those accounts to allow you to send e-mail from your new address. This will allow you to receive and send mail from a Microsoft or Google account but using a address.

For graduating students: your e-mail address will stay the same but approximately 60 days after commencement your mailbox will be removed. Prior to this time, your address should be forwarded to a non-Dartmouth account. Information will be sent to you during the spring term regarding this transition, giving you time to migrate any messages or contacts to another non-Dartmouth account.

For more information on IT support and services available to Alumni, visit the Alumni Resources page

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Dartmouth Alumni Career Network

The Dartmouth Career Network is a professional network of thousands of alumni who are willing to advise students and fellow alumni on their career path. ​

The Dartmouth Alumni Council

The Dartmouth Alumni Council comprises 126 alumni who, in serving as the official communication conduit between alumni and the College, represent the array of Dartmouth alumni and alumni organizations around the world.

You will have several representatives, including local area reps and professional and graduate school reps.