From the Dean

The mission of the Frank J. Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies at Dartmouth is to foster postgraduate academic programs of the highest quality, catalyze intellectual discovery, and prepare a diverse community of scholars for global leadership.

Explore Your Capabilities

Graduate and postdoctoral education at Dartmouth is more intimate than at the big research universities we are often compared to. Our faculty lead small, intense, research teams and our students enjoy unparalleled access to leaders in their fields—across all of our departments and professional schools.

You live at a moment when most of the world’s challenges have grown too complex to solve within any single discipline. Dartmouth develops young scholars who can approach problems from multiple perspectives and who can work across fields of study.

At Dartmouth, we have fused the liberal arts tradition with research. We believe that intense collaboration among brilliant people and strong departments accelerates discovery.

We seek to move the world forward, and want our scientists to be able to communicate effectively with non-scientists.

We want our engineers to design things that are not only functional but also beautiful, and who understand economics as well as aesthetics. We seek the type of scholar who trains in genetics, and also appreciates the ethics of such technology and its implications for society.

Get Hands-On Experience at Dartmouth

A Dartmouth education is about setting your own course. If you want to go to industry, or if entrepreneurial endeavors are your passion, we will connect you with people at Tuck School of Business or the Thayer School of Engineering who are working on startups. If you want to do more teaching, you can take advantage of the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning for learning about curriculum development and lab development. If you want to go into policy, we will plug you in to the Dickey Center. And, of course, we are well equipped to support you on the academic track.

At Dartmouth, we offer graduate and postdoctoral programs where we have real strength, and where thinking is needed from multiple perspectives. We will train you to become a thoughtful leader in your discipline of choice, and equip you to take on challenges for which no solutions currently exist in fields of inquiry that not yet been invented. We hope you will explore our programs, and are ready to explore your own capabilities.