Travel Awards

Funds for Travel

The Graduate Studies Office has a limited fund for the support of full-time, stipend supported graduate students who present papers at professional meetings. When there is more than one author, only the student actually delivering the paper can be supported. This fund can be used for transportation, conference registration fees, and hotel expenses (excluding meals). Travel expenses for students supported on research grants should be paid from the research grant.

The travel allowance provided is up to a maximum of $1000. (It is our hope that additional department funds will sometimes be available.) Reduced fares are often available to individuals who buy their tickets early. However, the policy on reduced fares is sufficiently confusing and changeable to make consultation with a travel bureau advisable.

Students may receive this travel award only once. To request travel funds, a graduate student should send an email to Assistant Dean Gary Hutchins, with a cc (copy) of the email to the student’s advisor. The email should include a description of the meeting to be attended, the title of the paper which is to be presented by the student, and the source of any other travel funds available to the student. This request for funding must be submitted prior to the conference and endorsed by the student's advisor or the chair of the department. Preference will be given to students who are in the last year of their study, but others are not excluded.

Approved travel expenses will be reimbursed after the student has returned from the conference. All expenses for any Dartmouth College trip must be submitted on one travel voucher, indicating any amount that is reimbursed by the student's department. Original receipts (including boarding passes) are required for all reimbursable expenditures.