Jul 03
Jul 09
Jul 10
Jul 12

Biology Thesis Seminar - A.Nurni Ravi

Kellogg Hall, Room 200 and zoom

Aparna Nurni Ravi - Thesis Seminar "Role of SDS-22/PP1 Phosphatase in Polarizing the Germplasm of C. elegans Embryo"

Jul 17
Jul 17

Microbiology and Immunology Seminar - C.Paulos

Borwell 658W, DH

Chrystal M. Paulos, Ph.D. - Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University "Mechanisms Underlying the Effectiveness of Antitumor Th17 Cells in Adoptive Immunotherapy"

Jul 18
Jul 18
Jul 25

EEES Thesis Seminar - A.Gottlieb

Wilder 104 and Zoom

Alexander R. Gottlieb - Thesis Seminar "Leveraging Uncertainty to Understand the Causes and Consequences of Climate Change" Advisor: Justin Mankin