New Students

Information for New Students

To assist in your preparations for graduate school this Fall, we have included below some links to resources you may find helpful. In April you will receive an email with information about orientation as well as basic information about the Hanover area, housing, etc. Another email letter will be sent in July with more specific orientation dates and times. Around the first of August, we will email the "MCB Guide to Year One" which will include the orientation schedule.

If you have questions or concerns during the summer, please contact Janet Cheney in the MCB Office.

International Students

Additional information regarding the process for getting visas at Dartmouth will be sent to you by the Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS). The MCB Office will notify OVIS of new students in mid-April and they will then email you with instructions.

Arrival on Campus

Orientation will begin in late August. Incoming students should plan to be on campus a few days prior to allow time to settle in. If you are staying in a College rental unit, you should not arrive before your unit is ready for occupancy. The Dartmouth Housing Office will give you the occupancy date.

If you are planning to bring a vehicle to campus, please email Transportation Services with the vehicle information to arrange a parking permit. Either have it mailed to your location or ask them to mail to HB 7560 (intercampus mail to MCB's mailbox).  You will have a temporary permit to print which will take care of the first few days on campus.  This will provide a permit for the Hanover campus.  Lebanon campus permit information will be included in your Year One Guide.

Housing & Transportation

Students have the opportunity to live in Dartmouth-owned graduate housing, or in shared-living arrangements within easy commuting distance of the Hanover/Lebanon area. Many of these opportunities are available at the Dartmouth Housing Office.

The Upper Valley is well-connected by a free local transit service (Advance Transit) that many MCB students use for commuting between the two campuses as well as throughout the Upper Valley. A Dartmouth Campus Connector shuttle service also connects the two campuses and runs on evenings and weekends. Dartmouth also has Zip Cars, a car sharing service. Most students choose to own a car during their time at Dartmouth for more flexibility in transportation.

Maps of the area and local transit schedules are available.


The stipends are paid once a month on the first day of every month. The first payment will be on September 1. Your stipend will begin either on the first day of orientation or the date that you arrive on campus after orientation has started. Starting in Fall 2023, incoming stipend-supported graduate students began receiving $1,500 in relocation assistance from the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies. The Guarini School also implemented a childcare supplement of $3,000 per eligible child under 6 years old, capped at 3 children, starting in 2023.

Dartmouth Student Health Plan

In May or June, you will receive information via email from the Student Health Services Office. The College offers coverage for those not covered by other policies. All students are required to carry health and medical insurance. If you are covered by another policy and do not wish to enroll in the College's program, you will be required to complete and file a waiver form. Dartmouth Health Services can provide more information. Please direct any questions about coverage to the Dartmouth Health Service.