Akshaya Balasubramanian

Sundrud lab

Akshaya received her undergraduate degree in Biotechnology from the Amrita School of Biotechnology in India. She subsequently graduated with a Master of Science in Integrated Immunology from the University of Oxford. Akshaya joined Mark Sundrud's lab at the Scripps Research Institute and transferred to the Microbiology and Immunology program when the lab moved to Dartmouth. Her research focuses on identifying how metabolic changes influence the development of cytotoxic T cell responses to infection. Akshaya enjoys travelling, reading a good book and baking in her free time. 


HB Hinman Box 7999

Selected Publications

  • Nair, D., Vanuopadath, M., Balasubramanian, A. et al. Phlorotannins from Padina tetrastromatica: structural characterisation and functional studies. J Appl Phycol 31, 3131–3141 (2019). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10811-019-01792-y