Bernice Leung

Curiel lab

Bernice graduated from the School of Biological Sciences' contiguous BS/MS program at the University of California at San Diego. She defended her Master's thesis in 2020 on the biochemical characterization of CSB mutants in Cockayne Syndrome and studied the regulation of CSB in yeast as well. At Dartmouth, she is a part of the Curiel lab at MCB. Her thesis research is focused on the pharmacological depletion of tumor and adipocyte PD-L1 and how it can sensitize tumors to conventional chemotherapies and immunotherapies. She also volunteers as an annotator for AAAS's Science in the Classroom. Outside of the lab, she enjoys hiking, working out, listening to true crime podcasts and experimenting in the kitchen. She is determined to run a half marathon every year until she graduates. 


HB Hinman Box 7962

Selected Publications

  • Yan C, Dodd T, Yu J, Leung B, Xu J, Oh J, Wang D, Ivanov I. Mechanism of Rad26-assisted of stalled RNA polymerase II in transcription-coupled repair. Nature Communications 12, 7001 (2021).

    KKS Chan, KY Au, LH Suen, Leung B, CY Wong, WQ Leow, TKH Lim, IOL Ng, CYS Chung and RCL Lo. Sortilin-driven cancer secretome enhances self-renewal and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma via de novo lipogenesis. American Journal of Pathology 193,12 (2023).

    Huang T, Leung B, Huang Y, Price L, Gui J, Lau, BW. A murine model to evaluate immunotherapy effectiveness for human Fanconi anemia-mutated acute myeloid leukemia. PLOS ONE. Accepted Sept 2023.