Dhanabala S. Rajesh Khanna

Hogan lab

Dhanabala Subhiksha Rajesh Khanna hails from the city of Coimbatore in India. During her undergraduate studies, Subhiksha worked on the validation of bead-based assay systems and the evaluation of IgG titers of candidate meningococcal conjugate vaccines at the Serum Institute of India. She then went on to pursue a Master's in Biotechnology where her research focused on characterization of the Fe/S cluster biogenesis pathway proteins in Plasmodium vivax. With a fascination for cellular structures, at Dartmouth, Subhiksha desires to study the proteins responsible for cellular and sub-organellar dynamicity. When not stressing over experiments, Subhiksha enjoys hiking, cooking, gardening, and scouting new food places.  


HB Hinman Box 7556