Huy Nguyen

  • Bosco Lab '15

  • Co-founder & CTO, Acuity Spatial Genomics

Dartmouth is a wonderful place to perform research. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the upper valley. The welcoming community and picturesque scenery ensured that my time inside and outside of lab was fun. My doctoral work in Giovanni Bosco's lab focused on elucidating how molecular machines called condensins are regulated, and how this fits into genome organization. After Dartmouth, I ventured south to Boston where I joined Chao-ting (Ting) Wu's lab in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School as a postdoctoral fellow. It is in the Wu lab where I co-developed technologies to highly multiplex genome imaging, thus furthering my interests in genome organization. In 2021, I cofounded Acuity Spatial Genomics ( where I am serving as Chief Technology Officer. Our goal is to provide spatial multiomics tools to further our understanding of health and disease.

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