Kamran Tariq

  • Luikart Lab '22

  • Analyst, Celdara Medical

Kamran joined the Luikart Lab in the Summer of 2018 and graduated with a PhD in Molecular and Systems Biology in 2022.  Kamran's thesis project identified proteins that could rescue PTEN-dependent abnormalities in neurons in a mouse model of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). He utilized in vivo molecular manipulations with viral vectors, transgenic mouse models and advanced microscopy techniques to find new targets for autism therapy. In 2019, Kamran was awarded a two-year pre-doctoral fellowship by Autism Speaks Foundation and was also a recipient of a 2020 Albert J. Ryan fellowship in recognition of his performance in course work, research talent, and participation in scientific community. Kamran was also a recipient of the Celdara Medical Biomedical Industry Fellowship in 2021. After graduation, Kamran joined Celdara Medical as an Analyst and is currently involved in scientific due diligence, commercial competitive analysis, marketing, regulatory and intellectual property assessment.

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