Paige Blinkiewicz

Malaney lab

Paige received her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry with a minor in Latin from Western Michigan University. She then went on to receive her Master of Science in Biological Science from Western Michigan University, where she studied the effect of Gata3 elimination in inner ear hair cells in a mouse model. Paige is a member of Dr. Prerna Malaney's lab, where she studies a hotspot mutation in a RNA-binding protein, PCBP1, in colorectal cancer. In her free time, she enjoys crossfit, walking her dog, Stella, and trying different kinds of food.


(269) 270-7868
HB Hinman Box 7937

Selected Publications

  • Blinkiewicz, PV*., Long, MR*., Stoner, ZA., Ketchum EM., Sheltz-Kempf, S., Duncan, JS. "Gata3 is Required in Late Proneurosensory Development for Proper Sensory Cell Formation and Organization." Scientific Reports, Aug 2023.

    Stoner, ZA*., Ketchum, EM*., Sheltz-Kempf, S., Blinkiewicz, PV., Elliott, KL., Kersigo, J., Duncan, JS. "Fzd3 Expression Within Inner Ear Afferent Neurons is Necessary for Central Pathfinding." Frontiers in Neuroscience, Dec 2021.