Taewook Kang

Usherwood lab

Taewook received his undergraduate degree in Life Sciences from Korea University in Seoul, Korea. He then furthered his studies at Korea University, specifically for Arabidopsis thaliana plant development and flowering regulator protein's degradation signaling pathway. Currently he is in our Microbiology and Immunology program as a member of the Usherwood lab, where they are interested in CD8 T cell immunology and improving the adoptive immune therapy. Taewook's work studies glucose metabolic checkpoints controlling glycolysis and mitochondrial respiration to differentiate CD8 T cells into long-lived memory cells in the context of bacterial, viral, and tumor models. Taewook enjoys the beautiful New England seasons and likes to swim, hike and ski. On cold winter days he enjoys cooking.  


HB Hinman Box 7937

Selected Publications

  • Preiss, NK, Kang, T, Usherwood, YK, Huang, Y, Branchini,BR, Usherwood, EJ
    Control of B Cell Lymphoma by Gammaherpesvirus-Induced Memory CD8 T Cells. Jmmunol. 2020 Dec 15;205(12):3372-3382. DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.2000734