Yichen Feng

Samkoe lab

Yichen received a Bachelor of Science from ShanghaiTech University in China, majoring in Biological Sciences. During his undergrad he attended an exchange program at UC Berkeley. Here at Dartmouth, Yichen is in our Norris Cotton Cancer program and is a member of the Samkoe lab. He is applying Paired-Agent Imaging to conduct receptor occupancy measurements in tumors in vivo. This project will help to determine the percentage of receptors being occupied by drugs used to treat cancer. Given that the therapeutic effect is proportional to the number of drug-occupied receptors, this new technique may have the potential to both determine safe dosages for clinical trials and determine precise dosing for personalized cancer treatment. In his spare time, Yichen is a collector of vintage fountain pens and mineral specimens. 


(603) 322-3512
HB Hinman Box 7850