Guarini Mental Health Awareness Month 2021

2021 Mental Health Awareness Month Event Listing

The Graduate Student Council, in partnership with the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies, has created a month-long program to raise awareness of graduate student mental health.

Mental health is a huge part of grad life and we have events of all types to help inform, relax, and bring fun to all grad students this month. All events are free and open to the graduate students and postdoc community.

Check out these events for Guarini Mental Health Awareness Month brought to you in collaboration with the GSC, DCAL, Counseling Center, and Guarini School.

Suicide Prevention Workshop
Monday May 3, 2021 @ 1-2:30pm, zoom
Join us in learning how to recognize suicide warning signs and how to respond to friends, students or community members in crisis using empathy and referring to the appropriate campus resources.
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SWC Evening Yoga
Tuesday, May 4 and weekly until June 2, 2021 @5-5:30pm Zoom 
Join the Student Wellness Center every Tuesday as we ease into our evening with a greater sense of calm + steadiness. This is an all-levels class, with a lovely mix of strengthening, stretching and relaxation. Open and appropriate to all!
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BIPOC Mental Health Awareness
Wednesday, May 5 @ 3-4pm, Zoom
Join the GSC, CARE, and GWISE for a safe discussion about the mental health taboo within underrepresented communities* guided by counseling staff. *We use this term to refer to communities who have been marginalized and are currently underrepresented due to denied access and/or suffered past institutional discrimination, including but not limited to BIPOC, international students, and LGBTQIA+ communities.
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SWC Mindfulness Drop-Ins
Wednesday, May 5 @ 4-4:30pm, Zoom
Learn (or hone your) mindfulness skills in this laid back, supportive community coming together to meditate and connect with one another. No experience necessary! Each session will include: 

  • Two guided mindfulness meditation practices
  • Time for sharing, connecting, and Q&A

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Compassionate Conversations
Thursday, May 6 @ 12-1 pm, Zoom

A workshop designed for undergrads and graduate students who may face acculturative stress (e.g., international or undocumented students) and are seeking to learn about different mental health topics, practice diverse coping skills, and engage in community building. This is not a therapy group and no documentation will be taken. No disclosure of status is required.
For meeting ID, call or email the Counseling Center at (603) 646-9442 or

Primary Care Services Orientation​​​​​​​
Thursday, May 6 @3-4pm, TBC
The link between mental and physical health is a two-way street. It's important to support both! Are you curious or confused about what health services are available to you as a Dartmouth student? This 30-min orientation is meant to help answer your questions about Dartmouth health services. This is an *in-person* orientation for a maximum of 8 people. If more are interested, another session will be planned
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Guarini First-Gen Gathering
Tuesday, May 11 @ 12-1pm, TBC

Planning and Pacing Your Teaching 
Thursday, May 13 @ 1-2pm, Zoom
Your energy levels are an important part of your mental health.  All the things you do during your day, including your teaching, and what you ask your students to do during class, use up some of your energy for the day.  We'll discuss how  you can develop a plan that doesn't leave you (or your students!) without any energy for the rest of the day!
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Intuitive Eating Workshop
Thursday, May 13 @ 4-5pm, Zoom

During this workshop - led by Dartmouth Nutritionist Shira Evans - you will learn about the principles of intuitive eating and will be guided through a mindful eating activity. For the mindful eating activity you will need a few pieces of enjoyable food such as: a handful of M&M's, a few pieces of dried fruit (raisins, craisins) or a few apple slices.
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Walk Around the Pond
Tuesday, May 18 @ 12-1pm, Meet Outside Anonymous Hall at the Ramekin Café entrance

Chill with LGBTQIA+ Community
Monday, May 24 @ 6:30-8pm, Zoom

Join members of the LGBTQIA+ community for the first organizational meeting of our graduate student club: Green Lambda LGTBQIA+. We will discuss what resources, opportunities, and community we hope to facilitate on campus. We look forward to seeing you there!
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"Plant" Good Vibes
Tuesday, May 25 @ 9-5pm, everywhere

Planting and taking care of plants are good ways to feel positive about your day. Sign up to receive a planting kit from the GSC to use whenever you'd like! The kits will be available to pick up from 9am - 5pm EST on May 25th. Share your plants with us on social media!
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Outdoor Yoga Session
Saturday, May 29 @ 3-4pm, TBC