IvyPlus Exchange Scholar Program

IvyPlus Exchange Scholar Program

The IvyPlus Exchange Scholar Program enables a graduate student enrolled in a doctoral program in one of the participating institutions to study at one of the other participating graduate schools for a limited period of time at no additional tuition cost, in order to take advantage of educational opportunities not available on the student's home campus.

Duration of a participating student's enrollment at a host school may be for one or more terms (which may be recorded in quarters or semesters, depending on the institution), with a maximum exchange enrollment of one year. (In the case of a student accompanying a dissertation adviser who has joined the host school, more than a year's enrollment as an Exchange Scholar may be permitted if all parties are in agreement.) Any extensions to an approved exchange enrollment require a separate application form.

The academic experience, including courses taken and/or research conducted with particular faculty at the host institution, is reported to the student's home institution to be recorded on the academic record maintained by the home institution. It may also be recorded by the host institution.

Participating students may be required to confirm the transfer of credit with their home institution.

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