Dartmouth Departments Requesting Invoices to Be Paid Via Wire or ACH

Effective Date

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Office of Primary Responsibility

Controller's Office

Policy Statement

  1. Payments made within the US should be sent via a Dartmouth College check.  If there are special circumstances which make sending a domestic wire necessary, please let the Accounts Payable staff know when requesting the wire.
  2. All emails requesting that invoices be paid electronically need to be sent directly to: [email protected] Specific Individuals should no longer be sent these emails.
  3. Electronic transfers are typically made twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, therefore any request to make an electronic payment needs to be received by the Accounts Payable Office no later than 11am on Tuesday or 11am on Thursday to be sent out that day.
  4. Electronic transfers can be future dated in the banking system so requests for paying invoices electronically can be sent to Accounts Payable Office as soon as you receive and approve the invoice.
  5. Sending electronic funds to international bank accounts may take anywhere from three to ten business days for the recipient to have access to the funds, depending on which country the receiving bank is located in, keep this in mind when trying to meet payment due dates.
  6. All requests for US electronic funds must contain the following information:
    • Type of Electronic Transfer: Specify Wire or ACH
    • Bank Name
    • Bank ABA Number (note the bank's ABA number for a wire will be different that the bank's ABA number for an ACH)
    • Recipient Name as it appears on bank account
    • Recipient Bank Account Number
    • Recipient Address
    • Reference Detail
  7. All request for international electronic fund transfers must contain the following information:
    • Bank Name
    • Bank IBAN number
    • Bank Swift Code
    • Bank Address
    • Recipient Name (as it appears on bank account)
    • Recipient Bank Account Number
    • Recipient Address
    • Reference Detail
  8. Please note that the Accounts Payable staff will no longer find the banking information from previous electronic fund transfers in order to process a current payment request. The requestor of the electronic transfer needs to provide that information to Accounts Payable. It is always best practice to confirm with the vendor their banking information if it is not specifically shown on the invoice. Banking relationships change and we should not assume that the information from a previous electronic fund transfer is the correct information for a current payment.