Her Lab Coat Says It All

As an undergraduate at the University of Miami, Lilian Kabeche majored in microbiology and always gravitated towards a career in research. Currently a fourth-year PhD student in Dartmouth’s molecular and cellular biology program, she likens science to a puzzle for which she must not only find the missing pieces, but also “create [her] own pieces.”


Lilian Kabeche

Biochemistry PhD student Lilian Kabeche researches cell division, focusing on the differences between mitosis in cancer cells and normal cells. (photo courtesy Dartmouth Graduate Forum)

With a background in microbiology, Kabeche knew she wanted to work with pathogens, and eventually found herself drawn to Professor Duane Compton’s research on cancerous cells. She and her lab group hope that the research they are currently doing—looking for ways to maintain chromatic stability within tumors—will lead to more effective cancer treatments.


decorated lab coat

Biochemistry PhD student Lilian Kabeche’s lab coat celebrates her research. (photo courtesy Dartmouth Graduate Forum)

“Dartmouth is the opposite of Miami, and that’s what appealed to me,” says Kabeche. During her initial visit, she was taken with all aspects of the Dartmouth experience, from its picturesque location to its small, “understatedly awesome” graduate community. “I thought, ‘This is where I have to be and where I want to go.’” Kabeche now also shares her passion for Dartmouth by taking part in the Graduate Studies Office’s recruiting efforts.

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