Tangeria Adams

Tangeria Adams is a native New Yorker who comes to ASURE from Brooklyn where she will be a senior this fall at Brooklyn College majoring in psychology and minoring in neuroscience. 

Here at Dartmouth she is working closely with graduate students Heidi Meyer and Andrea Robinson in the lab of Professor David Bucci in the psychological and brain sciences department.

Adams is actually working on two different projects this summer. Adams and Robinson are investigating “the effects of exercise duration on ADHD-like symptoms in spontaneously hypertensive rats.” In the second project, Adams and Meyer are “looking at learned inhibition, specifically, conditioned inhibition in adolescent rats.” As an undergrad she works primarily on studies relating to older adults, so to now be conducting research using animal models is a brand new experience for her.

The research is important to Adams because of its translational nature; the fact that the findings are applicable to the real world and may eventually inspire adjunctive or alternative human treatment options is very exciting. Adams enjoys the opportunities being in ASURE has offered her this summer, and is motivated by how much the program encourages her own thoughts and explorations in science.

When not working, Adams enjoys the camaraderie between the other ASURE students and herself. “We eat dinner together every night.” She also remarked that it’s been nice to be around so many trees and outdoor activities. “I’m enjoying the scenery and the quiet!”