Alumni Profiles: Bradley DeMay, PhD '11, Biological Sciences

Bradley DeMay, PhD, is a Vice President at The Beacon Group and is a School of Graduate and Advanced Studies representative on the Dartmouth Alumni Council. DeMay, who is originally from Clayton, New York, became a Dartmouth alumni in 2011 when he finished his PhD in the biological sciences. However, because he was the first student admitted to the PhD/MBA dual-degree program at Dartmouth, he continued his academic tenure at the Tuck School of Business. He graduated from Tuck in 2013.

DeMay is not new to serving in leadership roles at Dartmouth. When he was a graduate student at Dartmouth, DeMay served as a representative on and was eventually elected President of the Graduate Student Council (GSC). He helped implement vital changes to the Council that helped improve the influence of the GSC and the overall Dartmouth experience for the graduate student body beyond DeMay’s tenure at the College. In addition to his role as a representative of the School of Graduate and Advanced Studies on the Dartmouth Alumni Council, DeMay serves on the Academic Affairs Committee.