Assistant Dean Kerry Landers Featured in Valley News

Assistant Dean Kerry Landers' research into the experiences of first generation students in the ivy league has been documented in her recent publication, Postsecondary Education for First-Generation and Low-Income Students in the Ivy League, and was the subject of an article published in the Valley News this week.

Since the publication of her book in October 2017, which tracked the experiences of 20 Dartmouth seniors over a decade, Landers has spoken at a number of national institutions and venues across campus in Hanover about the difficulties experienced by students whose parents did not attend college. In this most recent article, Landers discusses the extra work that first gen students are required to put in to fit in and be able to compete with their peers. "Learning the culture feels like adding another class to an already full course load, and this new class lasts all four years, day and night," she says.  Read the full interview here.