GSC Launches New Blog

Earlier this year, the Graduate Student Council (GSC) launched the GSC Blog to encourage more graduate students to express their views. While the Guarini School encourages and supports students who are looking to develop science communication skills by publishing students’ writing, the GSC Blog offers a more casual platform for students’ work.

Savannah Barnett, the newly elected Communications Chair for the GSC, developed the idea for the blog in part after a trip she took to Montréal last summer where she spent a week learning about effective communication as part of the Concordia University, Montréal, CA workshop, Projected Frontiers: Experimental Science Journalism Studies.

The blog was launched during Graduate Student Appreciation Week, leading with a contest for submissions across a number of categories, and a pizza party award for the program with the highest percentage of participation. The best overall submission went to Mary Liza Hartong, MALS, who wrote about her thesis project, and the Digital Musics program, which had the most participants, won the pizza party. A full list of winners and honorable mentions can be found here.

The GSC Blog welcomes all submissions and encourages budding bloggers to get in touch with Savannah directly ([email protected]), or visit their site to learn more.