Graduate Student Outing Club: A DOC Partnership Forms

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between the Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC) and the GSC. Graduate students will have the opportunity to participate in DOC activities, trips, and events, and will have the ability to access DOC equipment. This is in large part due to the wonderful support of the Outdoor Program Office’s (OPO) new Director — and lifelong outdoorsman — Tim Burdick ‘89, MED ‘02, in addition to Rory Gawler, Assistant Director of OPO and DGOC advisor and main contact.

“Dartmouth Outdoor Programs is excited to increase our partnership with graduate students in the Dartmouth Outing Club,” said Burdick. “Outdoor Programs and the DOC have always been open to graduate student participation. When I was an undergraduate in the DOC, one of my best rock climbing mentors was a PhD chemistry student. The current, ongoing conversations between GSC and the DOC will make it that much easier to collaborate!

Students hoping to get involved should follow the Dartmouth Graduate Outing Club (DGOC) Facebook page, and keep an eye on Dart Grad Weekly, as student leaders will post soon in both outlets about an event wherein graduate students can come to together to socialize and learn more about this wonderful partnership, and the opportunities it presents for our community.

Both the DGOC and the Dartmouth Graduate Student Climbing Club will now function under the umbrella of the DOC, with access to DOC resources. If at any point graduate students would like to create an event or outing intended for graduate students only, then this event would need to be funded by the GSC, with DOC-trained leaders leading the trip. To learn more about becoming a trip leader, you can visit this page.

Rory Gawler will be the graduate community’s main contact for the DOC. "I'm really looking forward to what I believe the DOC has to offer graduate students and what the graduate student population has to offer the DOC,” commented Gawler on Tuesday morning. “I think there's a lot of potential for growth. We've tried to eliminate any actual barriers to participation and we're going to work really hard to get rid of any perceived barriers, which I know will take some time. If anyone has any ideas, questions or concerns, I would greatly look forward to hearing from them!"

In terms of communicating DOC news to the graduate community, Nicole DeAngeli, president of the Dartmouth Graduate Climbing Club, will attend weekly DOC Directorate meetings to stay up-to-date on DOC goings-on.