Frank J. Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies' 2020 Community Award

The Guarini Community Award is presented annually to the graduate student who best exemplifies a deep commitment to serving the Dartmouth community. Past recipients have been recognized for participation in student governance, service on campus-wide committees, and the development and promotion of programs that enhance the academic and social options of the entire community.

The 2020 recipient is Jin Hyun Cheong, a PhD candidate in cognitive neuroscience working with Professor Luke Chang. His research focuses on using computational tools to gain insight into how social impressions are formed and their relationship with our emotional reactions. 

Hailing from Seoul, South Korea, Jin was drawn to the vibrant academic and social atmosphere of the Psychological and Brain Sciences department at Dartmouth, which has one of the leading programs in the field of social and affective neuroscience. Jin's work has been recognized by national and international groups for its excellence and innovation, and he currently leads seminars in social brain sciences here on campus.

In addition to excellence in research, Jin has offered his time and expertise unfailingly to those within the Dartmouth community, perhaps most famously as co-founder of the highly successful Line@KAF – a free mobile and web application for the ever popular, now sadly gone, King Arthur Flour retail outlet located in Baker library. As student leader on the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship, he coached a team of Dartmouth undergraduates to success in the prestigious New England Venture Capital Investment Competition earlier this year, and has fostered a community of entrepreneurship and collaboration both on and off campus, hosting seminars, encouraging and developing collaborative networks among alumni, graduate students, and undergrads alike. 

As President of the Dartmouth Graduate Consulting Group, he has made significant community impact through pro-bono consulting services to local businesses, supporting struggling main street retailers through optimizing their online and in-person reach. His academic and community outreach work is highly valued, and we are delighted to present Jin with this year's community award. Congratulations, Jin!