Chaplain's Award 2021 Recipient: Lucas Dwiel

Lucas has been at the heart of so many intersecting circles of Tucker experiences.  In addition to devoted attendance at Multifaith Conversations, as both a participant and then as the Tucker student leader, Lucas was a role model in respectful, caring, open and affirming dialogue across so many different issues and human realities. Lucas also served as the graduate Berthold Fellow who helped students to prepare and lead Walks Clamantis, a personal walking process reflecting on transformative moments as students at Dartmouth.

Contemplative explorations of the mind, body and spirit were another area of individual and group commitment where Lucas inspired and led the way for campus community members as the student leader of the Zen Practice Group and the Student Mindfulness Practice Group.  Whether helping facilitate an end of the term stress reduction walking meditation focused on the labyrinth or speaking at the Contemplative Studies Forum, Lucas taught others through his gentle wisdom, humility, and personal investment in living these practices with authenticity, curiosity, and compassion.

If not found at Tucker, working in his lab, or being an all-around amazing Resident Fellow at South House, one might likely find Lucas on his bicycle, in the woodshop, creating ceramics, soap, or jewelry…all while completing his PhD in neuroscience.  

Lucas strives to live every moment as fully, as gratefully and with as much attention and intention as possible—he may not realize how his journey touches so many and changes the world for the better every day—but the truth of that impact was evident by the people who gathered to witness, support and celebrate his dissertation defense from every corner of personal and professional life.  

We are awed by all the ways you have observed, identified, and created the energy of connections within, with others and with the universe.

On behalf of the Tucker Center, Lucas, congratulations on receiving a 2021 Chaplain's Award!